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Welcome to JP Weber

For  over  15 years,  JP  Weber  has  been  supporting  international  investors  in  their  Poland  based investment - related  operations  as  well  as  their  day-to-day  tax  and  legal  dealings.  We  employ  over  60 investment  and  tax  advisors  as  well  as  lawyers  who  provide  services  to  Clients  at  our  Wrocław  and Warsaw offices. From office in Berlin we support Polish companies in their international expansion.  

We have a pleasure to invite you to become acquainted with our team, our experience and our approach. 

Pro-innovative services of business-related institutions for SME
SUBSIDIES will be granted to enterprises for the implementation of pro-innovative advisory services on innovation and innovation support services. more

Sector analyses and the assessment of the investment attractiveness of the Wrocław Agglomeration

Innovative portal for investors

Liquidation of the limited joint-stock partnership - another JP Weber's success in the Supreme Administrative Court

In the recent rulings from April and June 2016, the Supreme Administrative Court in Warsaw consented to our position on tax consequences of the liquidation of the joint stock partnership for the stockholders. more

The Code of Good Practices in Restructuring Has Been Developed

The Code of Restructuring Best Practices has been developed as part of the second edition of the campaign entitled "For better data flow – practice effective transactions”. It was authored by specialists boasting extensive experience in the area of restructuring, including members of JP Weber team. more