• ’Good Start’ Governmental Programme - application tutorial for foreigners

    With regard to the introduction of the governmental program ‘Good Start’ („Dobry start”) that entitles the children that are learning in schools to receive 300 PLN single instalment to cover expenses related to purchases before the new school year, we are happy to inform you that under certain conditions, foreigners can also benefit from this programme.
  • No more hard copies of financial statements

    As of 15 March 2018, companies may no longer submit hard copies of their financial statements to registry courts. In the transitional period, i.e. until 1 October 2018, financial statements may be prepared in hard copy, scanned and sent electronically. For that purpose, the Ministry of Justice has launched a dedicated system allowing for the free of charge submission of financial documents by entrepreneurs.
  • New limitations in applying the 50% rate of tax deductible costs

    As of 1 January 2018 the legislator intends to introduce changes for the taxpayers applying increased tax deductible costs on account of performing creative work. These changes will have significant impact on many taxpayers, as the legislator intends to introduce certain provisions to the act that limit the group of entities entitled to apply increased tax deductible costs.
  • Polish Investment Zone will be established

    The announced draft of the new act will hand over to investors a revolutionary investment tool, in the form of the planned Polish Investment Zone. The prepared regulations mean the expansion of the area of special economic zones from 14 locations of up to 312 000 square kilometres in total - an area covering the whole territory of the country, without any exceptions.
  • Are you ready for the new regulations on personal data protection?

    This is the last call to implement the new conditions and procedures included in the GDPR General Data Protection Regulation adopted by the European Council and European Parliament in April 2016. Even though the Resolution enters into force in May 2018, the new regulations on personal data protection and processing require from the entrepreneurs a lot of work at their implementation.
  • Tax relief for Research and Development - in 2018 even more favourable

    Recently, the draft act on R+D relief has undergone significant changes. The amendment changes the form and wording of the draft due to the negative reception by the taxpayers. Similarly to the previous text of the act, the changes comprise the subject of eligible costs incurred for the R+D activity with the possibility to deduct them from the tax base. At the moment, the text of the act is being reviewed.