JP Weber on Economic Mission in South Korea

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On October 17 2016, LOT launched the first direct air link between Warsaw and Seoul. The inauguration flight to South Korea involved a diplomatic mission with the minister of foreign affairs in charge, and a delegation of Polish entrepreneurs led by the junior minister at the Ministry of Development Tadeusz Kościński, accompanied by vice president of PAIiIZ (Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency) Krzysztof Senger. One of the participants in the mission, asked to act as a lecturer at the planned conferences, was JP Weber Partner Marcin Dudarski, PhD.

The two-day programme of the economic mission comprised numerous meetings, including a seminar for Polish companies dedicated to the subject of investing in Korea and the Polish-Korean Economic Forum. The forum was attended by minister Waszczykowski, vice minister Kościński, vice minister of the national treasury Mikołaj Wild, and vice president Senger, who presented to the Korean side the opportunities and rules of investing in Poland. Aspects related to the investment successes and opportunities in Korea were discussed by Marcin Dudarski, PhD, who has many years' experience of conducting investment projects on the Korean market.