New Call for Proposals for EU Funds for R&D projects

According to the recent information a new Call for Proposalsfor EU Funds for R&D projects is to be announced (Measure 1.4 Innovative Economy Operational Programme). The key information are presented below.

Type of project:

  • R&D works, focused on their implementation in economic activity (e.g. development / improvement of the products).
  • Date: November 2013 r.

Beneficiaries: large entrepreneurs and SME

Value of the project:

  • minimum value of the eligible costs – 3 PLN million;
  • maximum value of the project (the research part and the implementation part) – 50 EUR million;
  • maximum value of the subsidy:
  • 10 EUR million – if eligible costs of the industrial research are more than a half of the total eligible costs of the Project
  • 7,5 EUR million - in other projects.

Maximum intensity of the support:

large enterprise:

  • 50% for industrial research (+10% for medium enterprise, +20% for small and micro enterprise);
  • 25% for development works (+10% for medium enterprise, +20% for small and micro enterprise).

Duration of the project: maximum until the end of 2015.

Main categories of eligible costs:

  • costs of remuneration and non-wage costs of the employees involved in a project;
  • costs of lands and buildings, only in scope and period of time related to execution of the project;
  • costs of purchase and amortization of R&D equipment and devices;
  • costs of purchase of research services, technical knowledge, patents and advisory services and equivalent;
  • operational and general costs.

Basic access criteria:

  • innovation in at least national scale;
  • solution in area of high and middle-high technologies;
  • project provides implementation of R&D results in economic activity.

Should you have any questions or doubts please do not hesitate to contact us.