Investment & Transaction oriented

Direct Investments

Regardless of what comes first - a concept, capital or a location - we have the solutions and knowledge that will enable you to implement your project. We will ensure adequate capital for such investments that have with solid foundations developed in cooperation with you. Our advisors participate in the entire process of project execution, from analyses of market conditions to implementation of the developed concept.

Projects of the greenfield type require close cooperation of many entities and most importantly, professional project management. Fulfilment of the Construction Law requirements, selection of suitable suppliers in the planning and implementation stages, as well as ensuring optimal financing - all of those elements require an appropriate analysis and subsequent implementation. Investments of the brownfield type, realised by purchasing of already existing industrial buildings and their alteration, often provide an opportunity for acquisition of a building at a significantly lower cost along with a faster start-up of a business activity than in the case of greenfield investments or establishment of a business in an already developed industrial region.

Our team, ensuring at the same time legal security of investors against any potential threats, undertakes the entire process, from identification of a building and examining its potential availability to managing its alteration in the following areas:

  • A market analysis and identification of properties or buildings;
  • Preparation of the processes and property development;
  • Assessment of direct and follow-up investment costs;
  • Establishment of a schedule of works and expenditures;
  • Detailed planning, dates setting and verification of investment assumptions;
  • Taking into account financing assumptions and benefits offered by Special Economic Zones (SEZ);
  • Support and execution of the purchase of land and developed properties;
  • Organisation of tenders for architects / general contractors;
  • Takeover of the building permit process management;
  • Drawing up documentation, economic and technical assumptions;
  • Conducting negotiations with owners;
  • Technical and legal due-diligence controls of buildings;
  • Project leading and management until the start-up of the business activity;

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