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Operation Advisory

Operations Advisory in JP Weber consists in optimisation of current business activity in order to ensure maximum improvement of its efficiency. We support our Clients in implementation of operational solutions. Based on detailed financial and operational analyses, we can determine the potential for improvement of efficiency (growth of sales, cost reduction, optimisation of the capital) or any risks that the company may face.

We conduct business process analyses and reorganisation of the ways the company’s actions are implemented, as well as verify and modify the existing organisation structures in such a way so that the Client can attain their goals more efficiently.

When offering operations advisory services, we apply the best practices used in Poland and around the world, which allows for conducting detailed analyses and developing a wide range of enhancing initiatives as well as for providing effective support to our Clients in the process of implementing the improvement program.

Our operations advisory services include:

  • An analysis of a company’s processes – Internal Audit;
  • Financial analysis of the company;
  • An analysis and optimisation of a purchasing organisation; 
  • Management of the supply chain;
  • Management of the working capital;
  • Implementation of operational efficiency programs and reduction of costs;
  • Development of operational models.

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