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Restructuring is a complex process of crucial and often fundamental changes in a company, which aims at on-going (operational) and long-term (strategic) shaping of attributes of its subjectivity in view of changes in the business environment and internal needs of the enterprise. A restructuring process is a specific response to the signals coming from the business environment and it is also a form of an independent, active fight for a company’s strategic position in the market, ensuring competitiveness towards other market players and leading to specific economic benefits.

Our experts with many years of experience conduct assessment and verification of particular company areas, on the basis of which proper tools are created, which will allow for preparation of business plans and control of efficiency, ensuring successful implementation of any possible restructuring processes. 

Our tasks with respect to restructuring include the following services:

  • A comprehensive diagnosis of a company’s development strategy and plan;
  • An analysis of operational activity and organisation of companies;
  • An analysis of financial planning processes, control of execution and accounting policy;
  • Identification of potential areas of change and organisation of changes (acquisition and release of resources, preparation of organisation documents);
  • Development of restructuring programs;
  • Support and advisory services in every stage of restructuring.

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