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Contract Law

Participation in economic trade entails compliance with numerous formalities, where drawing up and concluding agreements plays a significant role.

JP Weber offers comprehensive legal consultancy in all matters related to concluding, performing and terminating agreements, most notably:

  • Support in negotiations and developing optimal meeting strategies;
  • Development of legal frameworks for co-operation between the company and its business partners;
  • Services with regard to sales agreements, contracts for specific work as well as various types of lease agreements;
  • Consultancy in the area of trade agreements (with regard to e.g. franchises, logistics, management agreements and joint-venture agreements);
  • Comprehensive legal action projects entailing securing business interests as well as parties' personal and property rights, including patent and copyright;
  • Consultancy in the area or international agreements, including the applicable law and jurisdiction;
  • Support in the area of enforcing rights arising from agreements;
  • Restructuring and adjustment of agreements in compliance with the provisions of the economic law as well as the EU law.

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