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Insolvency Law

JP Weber offers comprehensive services in the area of bankruptcy and recovery proceedings both for debtors and creditors.  What makes us stand out from many law firms offering such services is a possibility we provide of a comprehensive assessment of the enterprise's financial and legal situation, accurate assessment of existing risks and delivery of tailor-made, most favourable solutions to our Clients. 

Consultancy in the area of insolvency and rehabilitation law entails in particular:

  • Analysis of the enterprise's financial and legal situation, assessment of insolvency as well as assessment with regard to evidence of board members' liability;
  • Developing action scenarios entailing both bankruptcy, recovery and reorganisation procedures as well as assessment of risks related to particular scenarios;
  • Representing the Client at every stage of the bankruptcy and recovery proceedings; in particular, drawing up bankruptcy petitions, consultancy in development and implementation of settlement proposals, drawing up letters and other documents for the proceeding's needs;
  • Co-ordinating actions and representing the Client before institutional bodies involved in the proceedings, i.e. insolvency administrators, receivers, courts and creditors;
  • Representing the Client in cross-border bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Consultancy for the benefit of board members in the area of obligations and responsibility in the event of the company's insolvency; representing board members in all court proceedings with regard to their liability before creditors;
  • Representing creditors in bankruptcy and recovery proceedings;
  • Submission of claims; participation in creditors' councils;
  • Consultancy in transactions with the bankrupt entity including purchase of assets or organised parts of the bankrupt's enterprise.

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