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The wide range of JP Weber legal services is complemented by the team dedicated to litigation as well as arbitrary and mediation proceedings. We represent our Clients at all stages of the dispute, starting from negotiations and pre-trial action, recommending a strategy optimal in terms of the time for the dispute to be settled, to minimising legal risks and costs incurred.

 The experienced team of lawyers ensures professional handling of both our domestic and foreign Clients' litigation.

 JP Weber delivers legal assistance particularly in the following areas:

  • Civil cases at the pre-trial stage as well as before common courts and the Supreme Court;
  • Administrative as well as court and administrative cases;
  • Proceedings to secure claims and enforcement proceedings;
  • Mediations;
  • Arbitrary proceedings.

Moreover, our experts guarantee:

  • Representing the Client and handling the case from the very beginning to minimise the Client's involvement in matters which are outside the core scope of their business operation;
  • Pre-trial dealings with business partners as well as representing the Client before any courts and offices;
  • Protecting the Client's interests in the event of ungrounded accusations raised by former business partners;
  • In the event of problems beyond the borders of Poland – knowledge of foreign business standards as well as co-operation with other law firms in all parts of the world, and most notably Europe;
  • Confidence in pursuing claims through familiarity with the provisions of law determining a particular case of dispute.