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Real Estate

The scope of JP Weber's services entails all legal aspects of real estate trade which concern every stage of the investment planned. Our team of qualified and experienced lawyers takes into consideration the investor's financial potential and devises a model transaction, recommending the most favourable method of financing the investment as well as puts forward the most favourable solutions with regard to tax optimisation, developed in co-operation with tax advisors.

Once a particular property has been selected, we offer a detailed legal analysis for it as well as develop due diligence reports, which entail aspects including checks of property and mortgage registers, land registers, verification of encumbrances and third parties' rights.

As far as the projects which JP Weber runs are concerned, the firm handles with utmost care the formal side of the investment process: it collects relevant documentation, draws up draft agreements and settlements (including agreements of sales, lease, management, etc.) as well as it develops and submits requests for issue of relevant administrative decisions (including design approvals, building permits, etc.).

Our lawyers will continually oversee the whole of the investment process, representing the Client in negotiations, civil law and administrative proceedings as well as in dealings with the notary public.

The services we offer to our Clients include the following:

  • Modelling and optimisation of the investment;
  • Support in the area of administrative and legal proceedings, including the construction law as well as environmental protection law and spatial planning law;
  • Conducting due diligence studies of the property and developing negotiation strategies;
  • Participation in negotiations and drawing up agreements with regard to the properties and the investment process;
  • Comprehensive consultancy in financing the property;
  • Developing tender documentation and agreements in the area of development, redevelopment or modernisation of the property;
  • Obtaining permits for purchase of the property by foreign parties.

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