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Buy-Side Processes

Among a number of crucial aspects related to the process of acquisition, it is essential to overcome such market intransparency and create a specific profile of a company. The ways in which actions are taken and relations established constitute a crucial factor in assuming the subsequent position in negotiations.

The JP Weber team ensures support during the entire buy side process, ranging from establishment of the strategic structure and identification of potential target enterprises through proper supervision of the process to finalisation of the purchase.

Due to many years of cooperation on sale projects, we can effectively negotiate with business owners, we understand their approach and perspective. We always try to select enterprises with regard to strategic goals of the purchaser and possible effects of the synergy.

Our services in terms of buy side processes include the following actions:

  • Conducting an analysis and defining of an optimal transaction structure;
  • Development of the process, including specific stages and indirect results;
  • Identification and establishment of relations with potential entities to be acquired;
  • Conducting initial negotiations and preparation of a long/short list of entities;
  • Valuation of companies (which are potential acquisition target);
  • Conducting a due diligence analysis in terms of legal, tax and financial aspects as well as identification of potential risks;
  • Development of the final structure and optimisation of transactions;
  • Development of negotiation strategies and methods;
  • Support during negotiations completed with preparation and signing of the Term Sheet;
  • Preparation of investment agreements.

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