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Equity Finance

Equity financing is a very crucial element of company finances both in the initial and subsequent phases of the development. Upon acquisition of equity financing, an entrepreneur gains not only financial, but also substantive benefits - through the inflow of new knowledge or verification of the business management model.

Due to the complexity of the process, acquiring equity financing must be conducted in a manner that fully correlates with the current activity and development plans of a company. Due to many years of cooperation with investors and funds, we can present the project in such a way that enables to effectively obtain equity financing.

Apart from the necessary relations between a capital provider and a company searching for an investor, it is very important to professionally prepare all the necessary analyses and documents.

We provide the following services with respect to equity financing:

  • Verification of financial models and development of optimal financing structures;
  • Development of business plans, forecasting of financial and operational results of projects and investments;
  • Establishment of relations with external financial institutions (domestic and international);
  • Preparation of an information memorandum and the remaining documentation, required for project implementation, depending on the source of the capital;
  • Conducting talks and negotiations with financial partners;
  • Comprehensive supervision of all project phases;
  • Development of exit strategies of investors.

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