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A management buyout is a transaction of acquisition (of stocks, shares or organised part of a company) from its owners. The transaction is conducted by the managers of a given company (MBO - management buyout) or by external managers (MBI - management buyin). If the funds are insufficient for conducting the transaction, it is necessary to use external resources in the form of a bank loan or support of an equity partner (e.g. a private equity fund, a financial investor). A buyout transaction characterised by a high level of external financing is called a leveraged buyout (LBO).  

Depending on the type of transaction, JP Weber develops a specific structure of engaging the current board (MBO) and strategic financial investors. At every stage of transaction, until its finalisation, we ensure appropriate preparation in the following scope:  

  • Verification and assessment of relations inside the management group;
  • Preparation of a transaction concept and suggestion of the most optimal solution;
  • Development of business plans, forecasting financial and operational results of projects and investments;
  • Preparation of an action strategy and financial projections in the buyout period;
  • An analysis of the business constituting the subject of the transaction;
  • Due diligence, valuation of the company;
  • Participation in negotiations between the parties;
  • Comprehensive preparation of the process, including specific stages and indirect results;
  • Development of an optimal tax structure of the transaction;
  • Acquisition of external financing, including development of appropriate financial models (if required).

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