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Accounting & Financial Advisory

To larger entities maintaining accounts internally as well as to all those in need for support or suggestions on streamlining, we offer external, specialized consultancy in the area of organisation of finance and accounts departments, financial reporting and support in solving employees' problems arising on an ongoing basis. We do it fast and in a reliable manner, always when the in-company professionals want to review certain matters with eternal experts’ assistance.

Based on the extensive experience gained while carrying through numerous projects, we offer well-tested solutions which are in successful operation at our Clients' businesses. The knowledge base we have built allows drawing on and efficiently implementing solutions to issues and problems which often prove to be complicated. As far as new cases are concerned, we make a team of experts available for service, ready to put forward a solution with solid legal grounds.

We offer ongoing support for internal accounts with affordable pricing models allowing Clients' budget planning.

  • Professional external support for internal accounts;
  • External Head Accountant's supervision over the internal accounts team;
  • Support for development of financial reports;
  • Consultancy in the area of internal system construction;
  • Quality audit for internal accounts processes;
  • Review of currently posted periods in terms of compliance with regulations and good practice.

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