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Tax Compliance

An entrepreneur's presence on the market means a continual need for making business and legal decisions. Each brings about specific tax implications. Correct identification of tax and legal results of action taken as well as selection of most favourable solutions is a sine qua non condition for the entrepreneur's success.

For many years now, JP Weber experts have committed themselves to co-operation with Clients hailing from different industries, getting to know the specificity of their operations and business goals. The extensive experience gained, reinforced with the awareness of the dynamics of the changing business environment, is directly reflected by our efficiency of solving problems faced by entrepreneurs in their day-today pracitice.

The scope of our ongoing legal service includes:

  • Ongoing corporate service for enterprises, including drawing up all documents indispensable for business operation, such as statutes, agreements or regulations, as well as conducting registering procedures in a manner that ensures their conformity with tax regulations;
  • Drawing up opinions, explanations and recommendations related to the issues of practical application of the tax law, including evaluation of potential tax risk;
  • Reviewing settlement methods applied by the Client for cyclic or one-off transactions, complemented with guidelines with regard to methods for elimination of areas of non-conformity with provisions of the tax law or recommendations as to how to introduce changes favourable to the entrepreneur in this respect;
  • Drawing up declarations and tax statements;
  • Ongoing monitoring of changes to legislation and analysis of trends in tax bodies' and administrative courts' practice.

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