Our References

References are a reflection of our daily work. Our selected references below represent not only a wide range of our Customers, but they show also the scope of intercultural and specialist requirements that we must fulfill. We would be pleased in a personal meeting to present you other references and to provide you with direct contact to our Client, so that you could confirm our service and competence.

"We can highly recommend JP Weber as a very experienced partner for Investment projects in Poland. The JP Weber team fulfilled all obligations to our full satisfaction and paid attention to all our needs at any time in the project."

Dr. Ulf Leinhäuser, Head of Production Development, CLAAS KGaA mbH
Legal & Tax Advisory, Direct Investment - Advisory

"The company Samsung Electronics Poland Manufacturing sp. z o. o. with its seat in Wronki is pleased to recommend JP Weber. The actions undertaken by JP Weber are characterized by responsibility and commitment to advisory services. The knowledge of JP Weber team in the matter of law and and business conditions make JP Weber a distinctive advisor for companies. Due to the high efficiency of the proposed solutions, we have successfully completed a lot of projects."

Tobiasz Adam Kowlczyk, In-house Lawyer
Investment & Legal Advisory

"We have been accompanied by JP Weber during several transactions on the Polish market which were conducted with personal engagement on partner level and highest financial and legal skills of the whole team during whole transaction process. All targets provided by JP Weber on buy-side fulfilled our expectations and had a positive contribution in the development of our financial results and our strategic business on the Polish market."

Dr. Hans-Peter Roth
Transaction Advisory

"JP Weber accompanied all strategic phases of our company development including: Investment Financing, Real Estate Transactions, Permission processes and M&A and transaction services. Additionally, our Management team is fully accompanied by lawyers and tax advisors from JP Weber, who support our ongoing business and administrative framework. Since many years, we percieve JP Weber more as our partner than an advisor, who is proactively committed to our company with highest international standards."

Park Key Soo - President
Transaction&Investments Advisory

"In early 2013 the Seco/Warwick Group initiated a project of preparing a global strategy and business plan. (…) We positively valuate the effort of JP Weber in assisting our management during our project. We are proud that our joint efforts made it possible to shape many different workstreams within our project into one integrated corporate concept. Apart form the main tasks we appreciate our consultants for a big load of explanatory effort for many of our employees and managers in order to gain their real support. "

Paweł Wyrzykowski, President
Advisory Corporate Finance

"I highly recommend JP Weber as a Professional and experienced partner for the implementation of investment projects. The JP Weber team fulfilled all obligations to our full satisfaction. Especially regarding to our time schedule JP Weber outperformed and paid attention to all our needs. Furthermore, I have to underline that our investment project was complicated by the implementation of a chemical production line and JP Weber supported us to manage the whole project without any opposition from Polish Authorities. "

Jan Turalski, Project Manager
Transaction Advisory, Strategic Advisory, Investments

"Our company DaeWon Kang Up. Ltd. Co. (Korea/Seoul) decided to choose JP Weber Advisory as sole legal and transaction advisor, replacing our former advisor, one of the big four companies. (…) The project team always provided us information and report of the project flow on time, evaluating and estimating risk at any time presenting future steps. We highly recommend JP Weber as a professional and trusted partner for M&A transactions. "

Kim, Choong-hoon, Project Manager
Legal & Transaction Advisory

"Due to the nature and scope of its operations, LG Electronics is a company which requires comprehensive and specialised legal services. (…) Bearing in mind our long-term cooperation, we would like to emphasise that, undoubtedly, lawyers of JP Weber stand out in the market with their competence, commitment and responsibility for tasks assigned, as well as unquestionable quality of service combined with a high level of legal security, representing strongly our interest. Due to this fact, the law firm of JP Weber has been recommended to other members of the LG cluster in Kobierzyce, who followed this recommendation."

Sebastian Stadnik, General Director
Ongoing Legal Advisory

"We are pleased to confirm, that JP Weber has provided an outstanding performance in the financial modeling and preparation of a feasibility study of new real estate investments. The whole process has been led by an experienced Manager from JP Weber, who directly accompanied our strategic tenants in the investment assumptions and developed several financing options. We highly recommend JP Weber as a reliable and independent partner, who fully fulfilled our expectations."

Tomasz Gondek, Vice President of the Board
Investments Advisory

"We confirm, that JP Weber is the main legal and tax advisor for the joint venture between Thyssen Schachtbau and Deilmann Shaftsinking accompanying and securing the whole legal framework of our activities in Poland. Reliability and superior professional qualifications of the employees of JP Weber ensure that the operations undertaken in the scope of the Company's activities are carried out efficiently and at the highest level. We are very satisfied with this cooperation and see JP Weber as our long-term partner for all our local activities."

Ryszard Ucieszyński, President of the Management Board
Legal Advisory

"At our commission, JP Weber Dudarski sp. k. provided legal services for the investment process conducted by the company in the Republic of South Korea. Law firm participated in the process of the real estate acquisition for the purpose of a construction of a new factory in the city of Busan. (...) The services were rendered diligently and without any reservations and the experience of the law firm on the international market and the competence level of JP Weber lawyers allowed to successfully carry out the investment in South Korea. "

Piotr Stypa, President of the Management Board
Legal Advisory

"The company Unirubber sp. z o.o. takes advantage of regular ongoing legal and tax advisory services provided by attorneys and tax advisors from JP Weber. (…) On behalf of Unirubber sp. z o.o., I would like to recommend the company JP Weber as a solid Partner, concerning tax and legal services. Professional approach in the matter of law and tax aspects and providing services on the highest ethical standard is the reason for our confidence. "

Izabela Owczarek-Rymarowicz, President of the Management Board
Legal & Tax Advisory

"During our cooperation, lawyers from JP Weber were realising all their duties with due professional care. Basing on our current experience we can assure, that Chamber JP Weber Dudarski sp.k. is advisable partner, which provides professional tax and legal advisory services with the highest care."

Aleksander Kramer, Sales Manager
Tax Advisory