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  • Mrs Katarzyna Styrna-Bartman, Associate Manager at JP Weber, obtained the title of Doctor of Law


    Mrs Katarzyna Styrna-Bartman PhD, having defended in public her doctoral thesis entitled „Das polnische Verwaltungsverfahrensrecht im Lichte der europäischen Verwaltungsstandards. Eine Studie unter Berücksichtigung der Vorschriften auf dem Gebiet des europäischen und polnischen Verwaltungsverfahrensrechts und der Rechtsprechung der europäischen und polnischen Gerichte“ (Eng.: Polish administrative proceedings in the light of European standards. An analysis on the basis of Polish and European administrative proceedings as well as Polish and European courts' judicature), obtained the title of Doctor of Law (Ger.: Doktor der Rechte).

  • Invest in Wroclaw – a new support initiative for foreign investors


    As a result of JP Weber's and the Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency's joint effort, a new online service called Invest in Wroclaw was launched on October 30th 2013. The Invest in Wroclaw initiative is dedicated to foreign investors planning to run their business operations in Poland, and specifically in the Wrocław region.

  • Taxation of money from liquidation of the limited joint-stock partnership – favourable ruling of the Administrative Court in Wrocław


    On October 8th, 2013, District Administrative Court in Wrocław accepted the plea of the stock holders of Limited Joint- Stock Partnership (further also LJSP), represented by JP Weber Office ( cases No I SA/Wr 1148/13, I SA/Wr 1147/13, I SA/Wr 1146/13, I SA/Wr 1145/13). The plea was filed with regard to the binding tax rulings issued by the Director of the Tax Chamber in Poznań on taxation (on the side of the shareholder of the partnership, the shareholder being the natural person) the money received as the consequence of liquidation of the partnership.

  • JP Weber will support the "Internet for Mazovia" project


    JP Weber has begun co-operation with the Korean investor KT Corporation, the leader of the consortium selected by Mazovia Development Agency S.A. which will be responsible for implementation of the "Internet for Mazovia" project.

  • Transport of employees – sentence Provincial Administrative Court in Wrocław


    On 13th August 2013, the Provincial Administrative Court in Wrocław allowed a complaint made by a Company represented by JP Weber (file ref. no. I SA/Wr 788/13) against the interpretation given by the Director of the Tax Chamber in Poznań concerning taxation of potential income acquired by employees with regard to the employer's providing them with collective transport to the workplace.

  • A project for a foreign investor from the medical and hospital sector


    Currently, we have seen completion of the first stage of a project entailing acquisition of property, raising finance, concluding investment-related agreements and putting hospital facilities into business use.

  • A Change to the Directive on Special Economic Zones


    On July 23rd 2013, directives were issued on the grounds of which the 14 special economic zones' time-frame of operation will be prolonged.

  • Obtainable Rebate for Tax on Inheritance and Deeds of Gift Pursuant to the Constitutional Tribunal's Sentence.


    In its sentence of 4 June 2013, the Constitutional Tribunal deemed that the provision of Art. 4a sec. 1 item 1 of the Act of 28 July 1983 on tax on inheritance and deeds of gifts in the wording in force from 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2008 is at variance with the rule of confidence in the state and the law made by it, derived from Art. 2 of the Constitution. Consequently, closest family members who in the years 2007-2008 did not notify the tax office within one month of inheritance which they had come into possession of and as a result did not take advantage of the tax relief, will be eligible for the amount of the tax which they had paid.

  • Executives of international companies will challenge one another during the fifth edition of JP Weber Golf Challenge


    For the fifth time JP Weber in cooperation with Alior Bank organizes golf tournament for decision makers from international companies operating in Poland. The event will take place on 22nd of June 2013 at Toya Golf & Country Club nearby Wroclaw.

  • JP Weber will formulate an opinion on a project of law on court bailiffs and enforcement


    On 25 of April 2013, the National Council of bailiffs commissioned an opinion on project of law amending the law of court bailiffs and enforcement. This opinion will be prepared by JP Weber.


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