• Planned Changes to Rules of Employee Delegation

    2016 has been a year of considerable changes in the Polish labour law. The new parental entitlements and amendments in the area of fixed-term employment agreements are some of the most important changes, impacting a large number of Polish employees and employers. Apart from the said changes, which have entered into force in 2016, there are new ones being designed, expected to affect many employees and their international mobility.
  • Insolvency term on the basis of the new bankruptcy law

    The amendment to the Bankruptcy law has resulted in profound changes in the bankruptcy proceedings. The changes also affected the very definition of insolvency, which in the context of the threat of bankruptcy is crucial for entrepreneurs.
  • Real Estate Due Diligence

    The purpose of real estate due diligence investigation is to thoroughly verify a legal status of a real estate we are interested in. Next, based on the information collected, a report is issued which summarises the most significant aspects of real estate but also designates possible risks related to an intended transaction. Taking into consideration that real estate investments entail high risk and considerable costs, it is necessary to conduct such investigation.
  • Important Changes Coming to Fixed-Term Employment Contracts

    On 26 June 2015, an amendment to the Labour Code was passed by the Parliament, significantly changing the regulations so far in force as regards concluding fixed-term employment contracts.
  • The role of the early stages of transaction in the sales process of a company

    Upon completion by the advisor of the transaction sales process and upon signing the agreement with the company for which he/she will provide the services, the time comes to start operational cooperation between these two entities. At this point, an initial step in a long and extensive process begins, whose final completion will be the finalization of the contract with the buyer.
  • Changes in exemption of dividends

    From January 2016, a clause becomes effective to prevent abuses of the exemption from tax on income (revenue) from dividends and other income from a share in the profits of legal persons