• Remuneration for Employees without Social Insurance and Tax Scale

    With the use of a modern employee bonus system, an employer, in the current legal conditions, has a possibility of increasing an employee's remuneration without incurring higher costs on account of the procedure. It is so because the legislator allows for remuneration to be paid without allotting social insurance contributions and applying the progressive tax scale if the bonus is based on the employee's execution of the company's financial goal
  • Financial Planning as a Factor Contributing to an Enterprise's Success

    Every type of business activity must allow for a certain kind of uncertainty stemming from a variety of external and internal factors. Therefore, it is necessary to analyse the impact of the environment and all decisions with regard to the financial result. Proper planning makes it possible to make decisions which are rational from the standpoint of the company's profitability. On the one hand, it enables one to determine what resources an entrepreneur can use to put their projects into practice, at the same time providing information on the likely cost of these projects. On the other hand, it makes it possible to verify how possible decisions may impact the financial result.
  • Changes in the Polish Code of Commercial Companies. Facilitated registration and operation of companies.

    Polish legislator introduced significant changes to the Code of Commercial Companies in January 2015, and many of them may attract interest of foreign investors. The amendments will be introduced gradually. Part of changes entered in force already on 15 January 2015, whereas the other changes will become effective on April 2016, due to the necessary works on the electronic system adaptation.
  • Long and Short List Development as Key M&A Phase

    The process of development of potential business entities list is one of the first actions taken by an adviser when handling the M&A process. This can be divided into two phases.
  • Transfer Pricing Regulations Change Planned for January 1 2016

    The Ministry of Finance is well progressing in the area of implementation of the EU regulations relating to transfer pricing. Published on April 27 2015, the draft act of corporate income tax (CIT) provides for a number of changes as against the regulation currently in force with regard to documenting transactions conducted between affiliated business entities. The changes will make it possible to improve the transparency of financial dealings between affiliated companies.
  • Takeover of Part of a Company - Threats to Employers

    In the current economic realities, entrepreneurs bear various costs of their operations, the most burdensome of which are taxes and social insurance contributions for employees. The rising costs of employment result in many employers actively looking for solutions allowing them to reduce spending stemming from employing their staff.