• Changes to the Act on Public-Private Partnerships

    The changes being drafted concern a modification to the rule with regard to prohibition of subjective changes involving introduction of a private partner's possibility of establishing a company to perform a project after its offer has been chosen as the most favourable. The proposal aims to phase out the formal obligation to establish such entities only with a view to their participation in proceedings regarding the choice of a private partner.
  • Potential Facilitations for Investors in the Polish Commercial Law

    Shortly before the long weekend in August, a draft act amending the Code of Commercial Companies was published on the web pages of the Government Legislation Centre. According to the announcements known since early 2013, the amendment aims to facilitate establishment of business entities, registered and limited partnerships in particular, but its primary objective is to change the basic rules pertaining to the most popular form of organisation, i.e. the limited liability company.
  • Mobbing and discrimination – obligations of an employer

    Mobbing is any action or behavior relating to employee or against the employee, involving the persistent and prolonged harassment or intimidation, which results in understated professional evaluation or is intended to humiliate, ridicule, isolate or eliminate from a team of colleagues the mobbed employee.
  • Preparation of a Plot for a Development Project in the Light of the Current Judgement of the Constitutional Court.

    In the preparation phase, or the initial stage of the implementation of greenfield investments and road projects, there is often a need to remove trees and shrubs growing on a plot. The issue is of major importance, not only because of the very high penalties for the illegal removal of trees which the investor is at a risk of, but also due to the fact that many traders still do not pay particular attention to the obligation of obtaining the permit for felling of trees.
  • Censorship in the service of network users

    Decisive judgment was delivered in Case C 131/12 dated May 13, 2014, focused on the application for a preliminary ruling under art. 267 TFEU in the proceedings between Google Spain SL, Google Inc. versus Agencia de Protección de Datos (AEPD), Mario González Costeja.
  • The management of packaging in manufacturing companies – new guidelines.

    On 06.05.2014, the Ministry of the Environment has issued information concerning the date of enactment of implementing rules of the Act of 13.06.2013 on the management of packaging and packaging waste (Journal of Laws of 2013, pos. 888). Information was issued in response to the numerous legal questions addressed to the ministry, concerning duration of the hitherto implemented regulations issued on 11 May 2001 on packaging and packaging waste and the planned date of the new executive acts.